QuickBite: Foodhallen

Once a tram depot shuttling people through to their destinations, Foodhallen today is itself a destination where locals and travelers alike gather over food and drinks. Imagine a lively indoor food truck installation with vendors serving up dishes from all over the world, all year-round. If you look down from the menu boards, you’ll see the old tram tracks lining the floors throughout.

As for the food, there’s something for everyone. Craving a gourmet hot dog? Bulls and Dogs offers unique creations and rotating weekly specials, including a veggie dog for the herbivores. In the mood for something from the far east? Dim SumThing has your back with a selection of traditional Cantonese steamed snacks served up in bamboo dishes.

If you’re looking for a traditional Dutch dish, De BallenBar is where it’s at. Mix-and-match from a menu of bitterballen. A must-try while in the Netherlands, these delicious hot balls consist of a deep-fried meat and flour mixture the consistency of mashed potatoes.

Before you leave, stop by Petit Gateau to indulge in something sweet. Try one (or four to-go) of their handmade miniature tarts. Our favorite was the Yuzu. Each will set you back about 2 euro. Worth it.

So there you have it. Foodhallen is the perfect place to go with a group. From small bites to big burgers, no one will leave hungry. At the time of this post, we’ve been three times—and plan to go back with friends and try more culinary delights.

Check out the video below for a stroll through the hall during a World Cup match.



Is foodhallen worth it?



4.5 BitterBallen out of 5



Author: Matt Hildenbrand

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